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Energize Your Career at TRC Electronics!

At TRC Electronics, every role is critical in the intricate circuit of our success. We believe in empowering our employees with the tools, resources, and freedom they need to innovate and excel. Here, you're not just a part of the team; you're a vital component of a machine that's driving technological advancement. We pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and creative work environment where every idea is valued and every voice is heard. Dive into a career where your work not only contributes to cutting-edge solutions but also makes a tangible impact on the world. Come, be part of TRC Electronics, where your career is set to soar!

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To supply businesses in the electronics industry the power to succeed.



Build a high performing team that achieves their personal, professional and financial goals by helping our clients succeed.

TRC Electronics Core Values


We earn the trust and confidence of all the people we serve.


Our team handles adversity and challenges with a growth mindset. We always find the opportunity.


Our team members are committed to their personal, professional, and financial success. Our team is committed to making a positive impact on the people we serve.


Our team serves our clients methodically and intentionally. Everything we do in our organization is by design.


We provide complete transparency of the growth expectations of our organization and our team members.


We take full responsibility for our actions and our results. We do not make excuses.


We believe that the more disciplined we are with developing our skills, the more options we will have for getting better, solving problems, and adding value.